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  • Madison Hunter

    Madison Hunter

    CAN | Geoscience BSc undergrad student | Software Dev graduate | Words in The Startup, Towards Data Science, Better Programming, and Climate Conscious

  • Sam Forstner

    Sam Forstner

    Dartmouth College

  • Evan Oppenheimer

    Evan Oppenheimer

    Into data and R and hockey and veganism | Hamilton College '18 | @OppenheimerEvan | eoppe1022@gmail.com

  • Yh


  • Eryk Lewinson

    Eryk Lewinson

    Data Scientist, ML/DL enthusiast, quantitative finance, gamer.

  • Robson Oliveira

    Robson Oliveira

  • Anne Bonner

    Anne Bonner

    Building a community space at VentureBeat 💫 Submit your articles here: http://bit.ly/VentureBeatSubmissions

  • S Swalsh

    S Swalsh

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